Thursday, May 29, 2014

News in Brief - May 29, 2014

Shopper Generously Leaves Behind “Cool, Rare” Album at Goodwill For Others To Find
A Canoga Park resident came across something of a rarity at Goodwill on Owensmouth: an original 1953 10” LP of Songs By Tom Lehrer. “Yeah, I just read a big article about him on Buzzfeed, and it says he only had like 400 of these pressed," says Goodwill regular Brian Rauschebart, 28. "It’s incredibly rare. Unless it’s a later edition, I don’t know. Anyway, yeah, it's pretty cool. Someone should totally pick it up.” Rauschebart said he then placed the album - which he found in the middle of the stack of records - at the front of the stack, and then stood discreetly nearby hoping to strike up a conversation with “one of those record collectors you always see in thrift stores.” But when no one came by after twenty minutes he left to go home and comb out his beard. As to why he didn’t purchase it himself: “I don’t have a turntable. I just go through the records for old Herb Alpert albums. I’m trying to cover my entire living room wall in Whipped Cream & Other Delights.”

* * * * *

Man Arrested For Selling Counterfeit Sand
A Bassett Street man was arrested Tuesday for selling small vials of sand fraudulently labeled as containing sand from the Canoga Park Sand Mound. Freddy Lacoff, 38, was taken into custody after selling an undercover policeman a small glass bottle of “Miracle Health Sand from The Life-Giving Dunes of the Canoga Park Sand Mound” in the parking lot of Whole Foods in Woodland Hills. While the Canoga Park Sand Mound is a municipally protected landmark and it is illegal to take from the curbside pile, tests proved that the vials in fact contained a mixture of playground sand from Lanark Park, michelada mix and grape-flavored Lik-M-Aid Fun Dip powder.

* * * * *

Computer Error Results in Bicoastal Billboard Mixup
Emails with mixed up file attachments sent from the graphic arts department of Amalgamated Outdoor Media to installers on opposite coasts resulted in confusion for drivers both local and thousands of miles away. The large billboard located at the northwest corner of Desoto Avenue and Sherman Way recently heralded the grand opening of a high-end Clarks shoe store while across the country, along I-95 in Greenwich, Connecticut an identical sized
board sported an advertisement for discount clothing
retailer Fallas Paredes.

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