Friday, March 9, 2018

Wings Over Wendy’s Gets Its Marching Orders As Platt Village Fast-Foodery Closes

By Brennan Callicott, special to the Quilt


Popular quick-serve restaurant Wendy’s Old-Fashioned Hamburgers permanently closed the doors to its Platt Village location in West Hills last week, leaving customers not with a Frosty reception — but no reception at all.

Where's the Beef? Along with the rest of the food and all of the fixtures: shipped back to a distribution
warehouse, probably. Also, that caption is just as clever today as it would have been in 1984.  Staff photo.
Despite all signage having been taken down or blacked out, and the entire order box having been removed, Wendy’s still had a surprisingly constant stream of hungry, hopeful would-be customers as recently as yesterday afternoon. Evidently not dissuaded by the completely vacant restaurant, no less than four vehicles were seen slowly negotiating the drive-thru lane during the two minutes our photographer was there.

The hamburgery’s closure left “Wings Over Wendys” — a social group comprised of World War II, Korean War and Vietnam War veterans who convened for coffee, breakfast nuggets and camaraderie in the restaurant’s dining room each Monday morning — briefly without a meeting place. 

However, “new digs” for the tight-knit group of retired flyboys has been found, according to a post on the group’s Facebook page. Just a few dozen yards from their old stomping grounds, the new location — in the same shopping center —  couldn’t be more convenient.  “Attention members: As of next Monday, we are now officially known as Wings Over The Rite Aid Pharmacy Prescription Waiting Area,” reads the announcement.

Correction: Turns out Wings Over Wendy’s is now meeting at the Woodland Hills Wendy’s, 22611 Ventura Blvd., Woodland Hills. We regret the error.

Friday, February 23, 2018

Canoga Park Responds to Flourishing Homeless Population With New 24-Hour Resource Centers

By Charlotte Rudnick, Quilt staff


Homeless people in the West Valley will soon have two new local options for getting much-needed assistance to help cope with life on the streets.

A 7-11 convenience store in the space previously occupied by Duke of Bourbon Liquor in Westridge Plaza, in the hustling RoscoSoto neighborhood is due to open “any day now,” according to sources, while just down the street, at Roscoe and Canoga, in the bustling RoscoNoga neighborhood, a Chevron gas station featuring a large mini-mart is on track to open its doors in the near future as well. 

Both will offer microwaveable burritos, nachos and heat lamp dogs, among other goods and services.
A Chevron gas station and a 7-11 (inset) are two new businesses slated to open in the Canoga Park area in
early 2018.  Residents and others who just kind of hang around here are excited by the news.  Staff photo.
“I can’t wait,” says Ernie ‘Nalgas’ Holvik, wearing an overstuffed backpack while carrying another as he awkwardly rides your bike on the way back to his camp beneath an LA River tributary overpass along Canoga Avenue. Tired from a busy day in West Hills where he works as a freelance Amazon Prime package re-acquisition specialist, Holvik looks longingly at the gas station, still under construction. “I really gotta take a dump.”

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Friday, January 26, 2018

Dubious Charity Naively Expects Apathetic Residents To Eschew Curbside Disposal And Instead Lug Old Electronics To Inconvenient Parking Lot Collection Site

By Ingomar Schoenborn, Quilt staff


Civic-minded folks of the West Valley can finally get rid of that enormous broken television, or TV, set, those facsimile, or fax, machines obsolete since the early 1990s, their top-of-lap computers, or laptops, that they brought home from work but reported stolen after they didn’t know how to completely remove all the porn they downloaded onto the hard drives, or any other electronical junk, or e-waste, items they may have lying around.

“In the past, Canoga Park residents have had to deal with the back-breaking, interminable hassle of placing any bulky electronics out by the curb where they’d be picked up by local scavengers or eventually the Sanitation Department,” says Bert Frankel, president of US Pals Chamber of Commerce, a vaguely philanthropic-sounding organization that raises money for something or other.

Canoga Park residents tired of paying the high cost of dragging their shit out to the curb for free can
now recycle their electronics at no cost by lugging it over to a busy parking lot instead.  Staff photo.
“But with our two-day event, they need only drag the items out to the car, realize the trunk is already filled with other crap, pull all that crap out of the trunk and into the garage to make room, lift the item or items into the trunk, drive over to Big Lots, mention to our collection specialist they have electronics to donate, wait for the collection specialist to look up from her phone, mention again to our collection specialist they have electronics to donate, watch where our collection specialist briefly points before going back to her phone, and then lug said electronic items out of the trunk and over to the directed area,” he adds. “What could be easier?”

Frankel notes that US Pals will be accepting all kinds of e-waste items except for whatever you specifically show up with.  “No, I’m sorry, we don’t accept those,” he says.

The collection center will be in the Big Lots parking lot in the space formerly occupied by the half-dozen donation “sucker boxes” that were finally hauled off after the vandalism and trash caused by them became far too much trouble than they were worth. 

“We’re excited about raising money for, eh, ‘charity’ tomorrow and Sunday,” says Frankel, “and delighted that Big Lots is donating the use of their parking lot to do this.” 

Says Canoga Park Big Lots manager Esther Galinda, “Wait, who’s doing what here this weekend?”