Tuesday, November 3, 2020

Local Spider Determined To Save Democracy Spins Messages Of Advocacy In Canoga Park Webs

 By Nita Keswick, Quilt staff


A common orb weaver spider has taken it upon herself to save democracy, neĆ©, the entire USA, by skillfully crafting messages in her surprisingly colorful webs, encouraging citizens to exercise their right to vote. 

The busy, agenda-driven spider, presumed to be of the genus arachnida politica, has displayed her work around a  number of trees and poles on Jordan Ave near Saticoy, in Canoga Park’s civic-minded Jordicoy neighborhood. 

The peppy little spider, inset, with two examples of her work.    Staff photos.

The word “Vote” has appeared multiple times, but residents of the area report seeing other messages, including “Some Candidate,” “Radiant,” “Humble,” “Terrific,” and “Hand-Made Pupusas 2$ each.”

Says Elkwood Street resident Bryan Rauschebart, “I’m glad she decided to eventually go with a more non-partisan approach and just weave ‘Vote’ in her webs. ‘Terrific’ sounded a little too Trumpian for me, and I’m solidly behind Kanye — if only ironically, because this state’s going for Biden anyway.

“But that bit about the pupusas really burned me up. The dollar sign goes before the numeral, not after. When will this country learn?”

                                                                                               Staff photos.
The spider responsible for the message-laden webs was unavailable for comment as it had been, just days before the election, snatched off its web, and just as quick as you please, gobbled up by a hungry crow.

Correction: Seems it wasn’t a spider responsible for the messages, but an anonymous knitter into what the kids these days call “yarn bombing.”  We regret the error.