Thursday, October 26, 2017

Canoga Park Home Is Transformed Into Spooky ‘Haunted House’ for Halloween

Special to the Quilt by Luther Heggs


All ye who dare enter: Beware of ghosts and goblins!

A cozy, mid-century home in Canoga Park has been turned into a creepy ‘haunted house’ for Halloween, complete with spooky noises and unexplained goings-on that are sure to frighten (and delight) trick-or-treating boys and girls when they cross through the ramshackle fence and traverse the overgrown, trash and needle-strewn yard to bravely knock on the door in hopes of—      

Staff photo.
Correction: Turns out it’s just an abandoned house that has fallen into severe disrepair and has subsequently been broken into and is being used by local squatters, taggers, homeless people and gang members.  

We regret the error.