Saturday, May 6, 2017

Canoga Please: Dots A Good Question!

Canoga Please! Like many of my neighbors, I’ve embraced the urban folk art, or tagging, with which our local artists have thoughtfully and thoroughly decorated so much of Canoga Park and the surrounding area. Why, just this morning, I see that my brand new red cedar fence has been graced by an original Oblek! Through the sheer ubiquity of magnificently defaced public and private surfaces here in the West Valley, I’ve become something of an authority on all things tagging, though there is one bit of knowledge that still eludes me: Many of the tags feature three dots, and I was wondering what significance this mysterious detail might have.  —Luis N., Eccles Street
Staff photos.

Dear Luis,
Ah, bless our hardworking local taggers who — with can of Krylon and pen of paint — tirelessly embellish and adorn every square inch of available surface with their fanciful and often intricate inscriptions. And yes — the three dots you so often see do in fact have special significance: It identifies the vandal—, artiste as a fan of wholesome, fresh-faced 50s/60s singer-actress Doris Day. The dots, of course, symbolize her adorable, iconic freckles. Congrats on your new back fence masterpiece — but don’t look now — it’s just been overpainted by a common ReKay. Oh well — que sera sera!

•   •   •   •   •

Canoga Please! Yo! When the next season of Narcos coming out on Netflix an’ shit? I’m-a f_ckin’ binge-watch that shit, yo!  —ReKay, via spray-painted message on a fence in an alley behind Eccles Street

Dear ReKay,

No official release date for season 3 of Narcos has yet been announced but rumors suggest it’ll “drop” in August or September. 
Images courtesy Netflix.
In the meantime, why not enjoy The Pajama Game, Please Don’t Eat the Daisies, or Pillow Talk, instead — all available to stream instantly!

—Burton Cantara

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