Wednesday, November 25, 2015

The Quilt's Complete List of Businesses Open and Closed in Canoga Park on Thanksgiving

By Quilt staff.

Whether you're thankful to spend time with friends and loved ones at someone else's home far, far away or even if your plans fell through and turns out you'll be in Canoga Park for Thanksgiving, all of us here at the Quilt wish a "Happy Thanksgiving!" to our treasured readers. You're what we're thankful for! Also that spinach/artichoke dip Nita Keswick brings in for the little buffet thing we do in the break room on the Wednesday before.

And as a public service to the Canoga Park community, we've compiled a list of businesses that will be open or closed on Thanksgiving — Thursday November 26 — to help plan those last-minute forays for little items that never made the shopping list.
It happens every year: You remember to buy the turkey and all the trimmings, but at the last minute
you realize you have no stove and oven to cook them on and in; and worse, no refrigerator to keep them
from spoiling until you can get a stove. Unfortunately for you, J&R Appliances is closed Thanksgiving.
If you forgot to get a turkey baster or injector, you may be in luck: Romantix Adult Boutique
will be open on Thanksgiving from 10 am to 8 pm and carries various items of a similar shape and
size that, with a little ingenuity, could easily be modified to perform those same general functions.
Our complete list of businesses opened and closed in Canoga Park on Thanksgiving Day:

• Romantix, 21672 Sherman Way

• J&R Appliance, 7137 Owensmouth Avenue

While this is our complete list, additional Canoga Park businesses not listed here may or may not be open, while others may or may not be closed. Says Bernice Solverson, from the Canoga Park Chamber of Commerce: "I dunno. Best bet is to probably call the place first, before getting in your car and end up driving around for a half-hour like an ass."

We have confirmed that all businesses within Canoga Park will either be open or closed on Thanksgiving.

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