Monday, November 30, 2015

Take A Picture, Parker Glassport, It'll Last Longer — November 30, 2015

Special to the Quilt from Owen Smouth, editor-in-chief.

Just in time for the start of the holiday season — the world's oldest teenage photographer, our own Parker Glassport, is back with this any-recent-content-is-good-content photo:

And oh boy what a beaut it is.

"Run them smaller," young Parker says. "They lose definition when you run them so big!"

Pish-posh. Any photographer that blames the medium is a poor excuse for an artist, and furthermore is in danger of me calling up Canoga Park High and asking the principal to send over someone else from Ms. Jankoficz's Photography 101 class for the work-study program, someone who doesn't tell me how to run my goddamn paper and can get the staff's Starbuck's order right once in a while.

Besides, the Canoga Park Quilt's highly sophisticated readership are no dummies.

They know you can (and should) click on any photo in any article the ol' Quilt here and it pops up bigger and in that sharp, distinct, photojournalism-award-winning detail that savvy Quilt readers have come to expect, née, demand.

Well, now that all that's taken care of, with practically no obvious exposition whatsoever, we can get back to work on all the hard-hitting Canoga Park news stories Quilt readers have come to expect, née, demand.  

Christ almighty, pretty demanding bunch considering it's a free newspaper. You don't know what I'm up against.

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