Thursday, April 17, 2014

Canoga Park/West Hills Chamber of Commerce Breakfast A "Delicious" Success!

By Blythe Moorcraft, Quilt Staff


A breakfast sponsored by the Canoga Park / West Hills Chamber of Commerce at Fallbrook Center's Hometown Buffet was a rousing success, according to attendee Marty Silva, of Silva & Sons Auto Repair on Roscoe.

A good time was had by all at Hometown Buffet in West Hills. Staff photo.
"We all had a really good time. I was hoping for, whaddayacall, uh...mimosas! I mean, this is fancy-schmancy West Hills, after all! But they didn't have none. It's probably just as well because I can never stop at four and I have a brake job to do later this morning anyway," the proud member ("Joined up in '87!") reported.

The well-attended event was open to Chamber of Commerce members and their guests, and featured a welcoming introduction to new members; it also included an appearance by Councilman Mitch Englander, who represents a district other than Canoga Park.

Breakfast - and fellowship - was on the agenda for this morning's Canoga
Park/West Hills Chamber of Commerce get-together. Photo: Marty Silva.
There was fresh fruit, hard-boiled eggs, cereal, donuts, an omelette station, and for those watching their figures, cottage cheese. Small individual packets of jelly and jam were conveniently placed atop each of the tables in receptacles and, with the use of a knife, these delights proved to be easily spread on the furnished toast and bagels. Coffee - both regular and decaf - was gladly supplied, as well as hot water and tea bags, for those who wanted tea. Milk and orange juice were offered as well.

The atmosphere was convivial and lighthearted for most of the get-together, and when things threatened to take a darker turn, such as when an unidentified business owner loudly and pointedly asked why the Chamber of Commerce for West Hills is shared with and located in Canoga Park, others quickly changed the subject.
Gretchen Biery, West Hills business owner,
in her shop. Photo: Gretchen Biery

"No one wanted a replay of Nibblers," said forty-two year Chamber of Commerce member Gretchen Biery, who owns West Hills' high-end dress shop "Boutique a la Biery" in Platt Village Shopping Center.

She's referring to the last time the Chamber held a breakfast at Fallbrook Square (as it was then known), back in 1974 at the Nibblers restaurant (since closed) - that ended in a fracas  responsible for some forty-eight dollars in dry cleaning bills.

"I remember it like it was yesterday: West Hills business owners on the right side of the restaurant, and, um, you people from Canoga Park on the left. It was tense. And when someone - someone on the left, as I recall - threw that first waffle...! That's what set it off. My friend Joan ended up with syrup in her hair. I'll never forget that."

But, she concedes, "it was a different time then. I think we've come a long way. Canoga Park, West Hills, we're all the same. There's no reason we can't get along. This was wonderful this morning.

"By the way, are you folks dealing with some sort of shortage of Sweet 'N Low over there? I'm just wondering because I noticed that mousy woman who runs that sad little print shop on DeSoto put like ten packets in her purse."

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