Saturday, January 21, 2017

Women's March On Canoga Park A Huge Success

By Blythe Moorcraft, Quilt staff


In a peaceful show of empowerment, local women banded together Saturday morning here in the very bosom of Canoga Park and participated in a march to support women’s rights, social justice and civil liberties. 

Open to everyone, the non-partisan march was a part of a vast movement to unify, empower and inspire women across America and “to help make our voices heard,” according to a Facebook page affiliated with the nationwide series of events. The Canoga Park march was organized to allow those—unable to attend the larger march that was held downtown—to participate locally and show solidarity with other participants in Los Angeles as well as across the country.

The march began shortly before nine a.m. at the 8200 block of Canoga Avenue and proceeded up towards Roscoe Boulevard. The marchers, which according to some estimates numbered as many as five, waited patiently for the ‘Walk’ signal and then headed across Canoga en masse and continued east on Roscoe. Along the way, others were inspired to join the band of activists, including a guy on a skateboard and two other guys heading to Home Depot to loiter around the perimeter of the parking lot. 

Encompassing two major Canoga Park streets, the route of the Women's March is
 marked in red with its starting point denoted with "Start." Participants followed this
path in its entirety to the finish of the march, here delineated with the word "End."
The march continued for another approximately sixty feet to its terminus: a covered area featuring a series of benches. The peaceful march was evidently well-organized as traffic was not impacted nor were there any road closures scheduled for the event. A spokesman from the Topanga Division of the Los Angeles Police Department reported no vandalism nor violence throughout the slightly over six minute march, and there were zero arrests.

The end-point rally of the Women's March on Canoga Park had a festive, party atmosphere. Staff photo.
The historic march ended on a poignant, powerful note as many of those participating silently looked to the north, perhaps wondering what the future would bring.

Correction: Turns out what we thought was a Women’s March was just the ladies from Xposed’s midnight to 8:30 a.m. shift walking across the street to the Metro bus stop, waiting for the Orange Line and going home. We regret the error.

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