Thursday, February 12, 2015

Your Canoga Park Valentine's Day Unlicensed Street Vendor Map

The Canoga Park Division of the Canoga Park/West Hills Chamber of Commerce is pleased to announce the release of the Official 2015 Map and Guide to Local Valentine’s Day Unlicensed Street, Parking Lot, Sidewalk and Public Park Vendors.

Two Corners, No Waiting: Purveyors of high-quality Valentine's Day gifts, novelties and
notions have both the northwest and southwest corners of Roscoe & DeSoto, in the romantic
RoscoSoto neighborhood, covered for all your Valentine's Day supply needs. Staff photo.
Residents hoping to remember their sweetheart with a special gift for St. Valentine's Day can conveniently find what they need right here in town — they need only refer to the map reproduced below to know where to get that special something for that special someone.

And the chamber's Special Events Coordinator Bernice Solverson reports it's easier than ever for Canoga Park residents to shop locally. "The map's a bit superfluous. Just walk outside to the nearest corner — really, any corner," she says. "Hell, you probably don’t even need to go to a corner. Just walk out to the end of your driveway and chances are there's someone who's set up shop right there.”

Images: Canoga Park Office of Cartography.

Solverson notes a select number of "early bird" vendors will be selling their holiday merchandise at larger intersections and gas station parking lots on Friday, mid-afternoon until dusk; while all the vendors will be open for business on Saturday from approximately eight-thirty a.m. until about nine p.m. or until they finally just give up and go home, presumably to wash the day's grime off of themselves with unsold overly perfumed soap and forget their troubles by binging on unsold low-grade chocolate. Or vice-versa.

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