Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Safety First: Safety Tips For Being Safe As Wet Weather Comes to Canoga Park

While the much-needed rain that continues to beshower itself across Canoga Park is indeed cause for celebration, it’s also important to keep in mind safety issues that, when kept in mind, will keep all of us safe across Canoga Park, while much-needed rain continues to beshower itself. On Canoga Park.

The LAPD West Valley Bureau’s Topanga Division Traffic & Weather Unit’s Weather & Traffic Support Officer in Charge of Press Releases About Traffic and/or Weather Captain Reed Malloy issues these tips:

• Give yourself plenty of extra time to get to your destination and drive slowly. Remember, if you find you’re running late, you can always speed up to make up for lost time.
Drivers can improve fuel efficiency by limiting the use of gas-guzzling windshield wipers. Staff photo. 
• Using your windshield wipers while you drive unnecessarily wastes gas, makes it difficult to concentrate on the road, and often lulls drivers to sleep with a constant, unwavering rhythm. Leave them off. Only turn them on briefly - one or two wipes - after you’ve reached your destination to confirm that you’ve arrived at wherever it is you were trying to get to. And don’t forget: It’s against the law to use your headlights during daylight hours unless you’re in a funeral procession.

• Remember, especially in wet, dangerous driving weather: The other guy is trying to get to where he’s going to, just as you are.  ...And just who the hell does he think he is? Is his time more important than yours?  You’re trying to get to El Taco Llama before they close; he’s toddling along in an LA DWP truck with stacks of traffic cones on the bumper and orange lights spinning - probably looking for a strip club, like in that CBS Special Report. Goddamn unions. Aaah, cut the bastard off!

• Street surfaces can be slick. When someone up ahead is flagging you down to purchase a cold, wet, roasted ear of corn or one of those bags of duros you’ve got tied to the handle of your push cart, be sure to give yourself enough time to bring your walking speed to a slow, measured stop. You don't want to skid and fall on your ass.

• Flooded intersections near crowded bus stops, such as Saticoy at Canoga, offer an ideal, earth-friendly way to wash the undercarriage of your vehicle, especially if approached at speeds higher than 30 mph to really get that water kicking up into the wheel wells.
There's no better time than a rainy day to get swept away by the beauty of the LA River. Staff photo.
• Explore our magnificent LA River but do so with caution: If there have already been two or more rescues of people being carried away down the river in your area, rescuers may be tired and not operating at peak life-saving performance. Before jumping the fence, head up the river a few miles first, where different emergency personnel will likely answer the call.

• Even though this desperately needed rain is reason to celebrate, it is not one of Canoga Park’s 27 annual holidays or events for which firing guns into the air is approved. Please limit your celebrating to drinking. If you must drive after drinking, do so when the rain is at its heaviest with the fewest number of other drivers on the road. And drive fast, so you’re off public streets as quickly as possible.

By remembering these safety tips and using common sense, we can work together to make it a happy and safe rainstorm for everyone in Canoga Park. You people in Winnetka are on your own though. Technically, you shouldn’t even be on this site.

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