Friday, August 29, 2014

What's Doing in Canoga Park - Labor Day Weekend

Pit Bull Apologist Group Meeting Friday Night
PARGA, Pitbulls Are Really Gentle Animals, is meeting on Friday evening at the home of club president Dawn Haberlind on Eton Avenue to "mobilize in advance of the next pit bull attack that hits the news in our tireless fight to defend the gentle pit bull." Attendees are encouraged to bring hackneyed talking points, dubious pro-pit bull statistics, or an appetizer. Box wine from Costco will be served. All pit bull owners are welcome, especially slightly chubby women with long, washed-out blonde hair in their late 30s wearing dirty jeans and who are starting to let themselves go. Those attending "should leave their own pits at home - Marauder can be really territorial sometimes. But he's actually really sweet. I mean, he's super-gentle, especially with Jayden, our five year-old," insists Haberlind. A donation of $5 is requested "which will go towards reconstructive surgery on our two year-old's leg. Casey crawled towards Marauder's food bowl when he was eating - which she now knows is a no-no! They're really gentle dogs, though." PARGA, Haberlind Residence, 8534 Eton Ave., 7 pm Friday
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Photo: Trenice Campbell, Canoga Park Salvation Army
Salvation Army Announces Sale of Collectible Horse-Racing Mugs
A "decent" amount of santanitabilia, or Santa Anita memorabilia, is currently being offered for sale at the local Salvation Army thrift store, available to shoppers on a first-come, first-served basis. Mostly giveaway commemorative steins, the merchandise also includes an ashtray and a 2004 Christmas tree "bulb" ornament still "mint in package." Prices range from $1.95 to $4.95; the items can be found in the housewares section. "Check the Boutique section, too, sometimes things get shuffled over there," advises Donation Intake Coordinator Trenice Campbell. "But you can't bring your cart into the Boutique 'cause you people knock sh_t over. Tired of sweeping up broken ceramics an' whatnot!" Salvation Army Family Store, 21375 Roscoe Blvd, open all weekend.
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Warehouse Shoe Sale to Hold Parking Lot Sale in Warehouse Shoe Sale Parking Lot
Warehouse Shoe Sale will be holding a parking lot sale in their parking lot this weekend featuring a selection of their merchandise moved from the pleasant, air-conditioned interior of their Warehouse Shoe Sale store into the blazing hot Warehouse Shoe Sale parking lot, under heat-absorbing black canopies. Shoppers are encouraged to do their best to search for bargains among displays of sneakers, various women's tops, and racks and racks and racks of men's tank tops, each with the curious designer conceit of a tiny buttoned pocket over the left breast. WSS, 20900 Sherman Way, open all weekend 9 am - 9pm.
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Photo: Erik O'Sullivan / Lanark Pool
Last Chance to Enter Lanark Pool Band-Aid Contest
Lanark Pool head lifeguard Erik O'Sullivan reminds us that this weekend is Canoga Parkians' last chance to enter the Summer 2014 'Guess The Number of Bloody Band-Aids' contest. "Each night, after the pool's closed, we empty the filters from the scuppers along the sides of the pool and we've been putting all the Band-Aids we find into a big jar," says the 20 year-old summer hire. Contestants can write down their guess as to the total number of used Band-Aids (and Curads and generic bandages) that'll have been harvested throughout the entire season, ending at the close of the pool on Labor Day, on an entry form located in the pool's entrance lobby. Grand Prize for whoever's closest: A $5 gift card for Arby's. Runners-up will be rewarded with a chance to grab an item from the Lost & Found box or 5 minutes of unsupervised horseplay in and around the pool (redeemable during the 2015 summer season). The winner will be announced next week once all the disposable plastic, fabric, Phineas & Ferb, sheer, Spider-Man and latex bandages have been counted and donated to charity.  Lanark Pool, 21817 Strathern St, Sat - Sun - Mon, 1 pm - 5pm.

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