Thursday, February 20, 2014

We're Here! The Hometown Online Newspaper Tailor-Made For The Well-Read Canoga Parkian!


November 1665: England's first newspaper, the London Gazette, hits the stands and the world of journalism is changed forever.

1767: Benjamin Franklin helped found the important Pennsylvania Chronicle–which political historians agree was elemental in his later ascension to the office of the presidency.

September 18, 1851: The vaunted "Great Gray Lady," the New York Times, prints her first issue - one of what would end up being, and continues to be, many.

Summer, 1982: Enticing readers with color photos and fascinating infographics, USA Today pops up on the scene and propels an America recovering from the horrors of the Tylenol scare headlong into the 1980s!

February 2014: A brand new century, a new newspaper in an exciting new format - the online news"paper" is born with the launch of The Canoga Park Quilt - your cozy, community-based down-home clearinghouse for all things Canoga Park. From hard-hitting stories to light-hearted fare, we'll be covering it all.

Stay tuned!

Posted by Owen Smouth, your humble editor-in-chief.

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