Sunday, April 16, 2017

Religious Iconography Appears On Easter Eggs in Canoga Park

By Nita Keswick, Quilt Staff

An unexplained phenomenon — perhaps an Easter miracle of sorts — occurred this morning at a family Easter egg hunt in the park at Parthenia Street and International Avenue in the tight-knit, tightly-packed Parthenational neighborhood of Canoga Park.

“Yeah, I got up early and went out [to Parthenia Park] to hide some eggs for my kid, you know?” says Gabriel Machura, of the Transitional Arms Apartments.  “Then not even five minutes later I come back out with him and told him to go look for them.

Armed with a plastic Easter basket from Dollar Tree, 6-year old Jakob eagerly went to work, scouring every corner of the approximately 1-acre park.

“Well, he found them all, only now they were all marked up an’ shit when he got to them. One of them was eaten, and only the shell was left.”
Ova Stigmata? Mysterious messages and symbols, possibly of a religious nature,
appeared on colored eggs hidden in Parthenia Park on Easter morning. Staff photo.
“I told him it was the Easter Bunny — like he had to eat one of his eggs, ‘cause he was so busy hiding them and didn’t have time for breakfast,” says the 33-year-old tow truck driver with Peppy Impound on Saticoy.

The single father admitted he didn’t now if his son “bought it” especially after a derelict man in his late 40s with some bits of crumbled egg yolk on his face approached them and hungrily eyed either the rest of the eggs in the basket or his son.

“Well, at that point we just got the hell out of there,” Machura reports. “Besides, I left the gate to my building propped open and I saw some guys with paint pens and Sharpies heading that way.”

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