Monday, December 5, 2016

Canoga Park Library Gets New Bookmobile

By Blythe Moorcroft


The Canoga Park branch of the Los Angeles Public Library, located at 20939 Sherman Way, is pleased to announce the acquisition of a bookmobile designed to help bring the library’s materials and resources to the neighborhood a few yards outside of the actual library building.
Staff photo.
“With the addition of the new bookmobile, we’re excited to further offer library services, learning opportunities, support and of course books to areas we were previously unable to reach,” says Bob Harland, Canoga Park library’s head of community outreach services and free bookmarks.

The spacious vehicle, designed as a perambulating addition to the brick-and-mortar structure, will be parked alongside the library on Sherman Way as a means for those who might otherwise not have the means to access the library entrance another twenty-five feet or so down the sidewalk.  

The Canoga Park Bookmobile is not a static ‘annex’ permanently fixed to one location. As its name implies, it is of course mobile, and will be moved around the corner onto Independence Avenue on Wednesdays, from 8 am to 10 am, to avoid street sweeping ticketing. (If no spots are available, special permission has been arranged allowing the vehicle to be stationed temporarily in the CVS / Fallas Paredes / Rent-A-Center parking lot.)

It will also occasionally be driven over a storm drain to facilitate the emptying of its waste tank and to dispose of discarded books.
Staff photo.
“The addition of our new bookmobile is an enormous boon to the Canoga Park community that can’t be overstated,” says Harland. “It’s almost as important as the time when we got a new box of pre-sharpened golf pencils for people to jot down call numbers when looking something up in the online card catalog.”

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