Wednesday, August 24, 2016

News In Brief — August 24, 2016

A brief, up-to-the-moment news 'round-up' of news in and around Canoga Park and surrounding areas that surround Canoga Park.
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Tuesday September 6th Is Picture Day
LAUSD faculty working in Canoga Park’s Early Education Center are encouraging parents of newborns, toddlers and other pre-school girls to get their daughters’ ears pierced now to give them plenty of time to heal properly in time for Picture Day on Tuesday September 6. Additionally, local tattoo parlors are reminding middle school boys as well as high school girls who have been putting off getting their back-to-school ink to come on in with their tattoo vouchers: Whether they’re looking to get the simple and classic three-dot design by the eye or on the hand — or even an elaborate tramp stamp — there’s still time to get the work done and have the scabbing clear up so that new tat looks its best in time for yearbook photos.
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New Sign At Corner Shopping Center Sets Neighborhood Abuzz
A new sign advertising the businesses on the northeast corner of Saticoy and Topanga, in Canoga Park's bustling Satipanga shopping district, has been put up, or erected, at the edge of the lot to the delight of drivers and pedestrians alike. The stately marquee, designed by Canoga Park's own Peppy Sign's & Banner's features the signature "free apostrophe" the company is well-known for. "We do offer a complimentary punctuation mark for every 50 characters purchased," says Peppy Sign's owner Jim Powell. "We decided to give it to Taco's Reyes, because frankly, we really like their taco's."

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Canoga Park Family Eschews Funeral, Memorializes Son On Back Of New SUV Instead
A local family who lost their son to the exciting and fast-paced sport of illegal street racing chose to use the decedent's life and car insurance payouts to purchase a new Ford Expedition rather than stage a traditional funeral, and then honor his memory by creating a tribute to him in Brush Script text decals on the vehicle's back windshield. Frankie "Capusta" Murcek was racing against friends along Topanga Canyon Boulevard in the early hours of July 18 when he lost control of his vehicle and careened into a telephone pole, totaling both his 2009 Nissan GT-R and his skull. In a related story, the extensive text on the back windshield may have prevented his mother, Euna Murcek, from being able to see the oncoming truck that killed her as she backed out onto Ventura Boulevard while trying to evade an insurance fraud investigator.

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Local Brewery Celebrates First Anniversary
8one8 Brewing, a local, small-batch beer manufacturing concern, or nano-brewery, celebrated its first anniversary on August 18. Specializing in exquisite craft beers, crafted exquisitely and available on-tap at a selection of local bars, pubs, taverns and Moose-centric lodges, 8one8 has the distinction, at one year of age, of being the second oldest brewery in Canoga Park (with the mantle of oldest brewery being held by local restaurant El Taco Zarigueya, whose vat of rancid horchata has been fermenting since 1991). Both local beer aficionados and local beer aficionados can help support the fledgling brewery by visiting a participating bar and magnanimously ordering a round of 8one8's delicious libations for everyone in the place, or, alternatively, purchasing a Founders Club Membership.
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Some Canoga Park Residents 'Extremely Concerned' Over Opening Of Proposed New McDonald's
A new McDonald's restaurant being built on the former site of Coco's Restaurant & Bakery at 22200 Sherman Way at Farralone Avenue, in Canoga Park's trendy Shermalone restaurant district has some residents very upset. "The sign says 'Coming Soon' but when is soon?" complained Nita Avenue resident Merl Zygmont, representing a coalition of anxious McDonald's customers-to-be at a recent emergency meeting of the Canoga Park Friendly Neighborhood Council. "I mean, we got these coupons in the mail and they expire on the 28th. And McDonald's hardly ever sends out coupons. We're extremely concerned about this situation. Just what are we supposed to do?!" Update: A spokesman for the McDonald's Corporation, when reached for comment, said that the coupons are valid at any participating McDonald's restaurant.

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Canoga Park Library Unveils Latest Free Bookmarks
The Canoga Park Branch of the Los Angeles Public Library has unveiled its latest selection of bookmarks which are available free to the public. Bookmarks — generally thin, horizontally-formatted strips of card stock featuring colorful designs, clever slogans to encourage reading or helpful information — are used as place holders when inserted between pages where a reader has temporarily stopped reading a collection of bound and printed leaves, or "book," and are available to those borrowing such materials from the library. "Please come in and take some," says Help Desk volunteer Bob Harland. "With fewer and fewer people actually reading these days and taking out books, these things have kind of taken over my work space."

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Restaurant That Sounds Vaguely Like A 1950s Science Fiction Movie Opens In Winnetka
Film-loving gastronomes have been lining up at the The Crab Planet on the Winnetka / Canoga Park border as much for the tasty food as for its cinematic name, which some have noted is reminiscent of the golden age of schlocky monster movies. “Yeah, we thought maybe it’d be like that crazy thai place on Sherman Way in North Hollywood that has all the neon signs and kitschy decor but with, like, vintage 50s monster movie posters and maybe showing classic sci-fi ‘B’ movies instead,” says bearded Canoga Park resident and podcaster Brian Rauschebart. “Turns out it’s not like that at all — it’s actually quite tastefully decorated inside — and the food was really excellent. But they should totally have a night each week where they screen ‘Attack of the Crab Monsters.’ It could totally become like a thing.” The popular new restaurant specializes in tasty cajun / seafood / thai food and is located at 7140 Desoto Avenue. As of press time, it was unknown whether or not they bought any supplies at a nearby restaurant supply warehouse that sounds vaguely like a place on Futurama, "Restaurant Planet."

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Briefly now: Do you have briefly breaking Canoga Park news?  Wrap it up reeeal nice and send it to us here so we can use it in our next wad of news briefs. By the way, 8one8 Brewing, Crab Planet, Restaurant Planet, McDonald's, and every single place at Saticoy & Topanga are all great local businesses that you should be supporting. So what in God's name are you doing still reading this? G'wan, get out of here! Go support 'em! Go support 'em before we call the cops!

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