Monday, May 30, 2016

Canoga Park Celebrates Memorial Day 2016 With Spirited Parade

By Quilt staff.


A memorable success is how everyone who attended or participated in Canoga Park’s 27th annual Memorial Day Parade will remember this morning’s patriotic festivities.

The parade, honoring those who died while serving in America’s armed forces, featured participants from across the San Fernando Valley (and even some from as far away as exotic Pasadena and glamorous Las Vegas) while thousands of spectators lined Sherman Way to cheer them on — and to remember those we’ve lost.

On with the parade — of photos!  [Those with premium Quilt subscriptions can click on each image below to see it larger and in glorious detail.]

The Carrying of the Official Banner — the parade begins!

No, you're not seeing things — those are kilts, a "traditional garment resembling a
knee-length skirt of pleated tartan cloth and...worn by men as part of Scottish
Highland dress." And no one wears 'em better than the Pasadena Scots.

Rosie the Riveter had spectators riveted to the passing parade.
And is that General Dwight D. Eisenhower in the passenger seat? 
No. Ike died in 1969 of congestive heart failure.

Shawn Bayliss happily accepts contributions of cheers and well-wishes
from the crowds — and that's something no one can find fault with!

Here's some of the Wings Over Wendy's flyboys — they've been
a fixture at West Hills Wendy's (Platt Village) since 2002!  They
meet there every Monday at nine a.m. for coffee and conversation.

Busy, busy Matt Dababneh takes time out during the parade to look over some proofs
for the next 18 campaign flyers that will be appearing in your mailbox by Wednesday.

It's not like Mitch Englander to hide behind the flag, but in this case, thanks
to a poorly-timed click of the camera shutter, it just couldn't be helped.

Did You Know...?™
Mitch is officially the only LA City Councilperson worth a damn.

 What would a parade be without flag-toting Boy Scouts? 
Nothing, that's what.

This vintage fire engine carries proud members of the 
American Legion Post 826 and Boy Scout Troop 642!

Captain Johnny Starling of the CHP waves to the crowd.

Did You Know...?™
The Annual Memorial Day Parade marks the only day of the year
there is actually a sufficient number of police in Canoga Park.

The Winnetka Neighborhood Council isn't too proud
to march directly on the streets of Canoga Park...

 ...not like some fancy-schmancy Neighborhood Councils we could mention,
that apparently demand to be chauffeured through our fair streets.

Is there any sight more stirring, that makes the heart swell with more pride, than that
of an old man riding against parade traffic with a Skippy peanut butter box on his head?

And what would a parade be without a clown? 
Here Ronald McDonald, who lives in the ball pit in the
PlayPlace at Roscoe Blvd. McDonald's, waves to fans. 

The crowd went wild for this
very charismatic Uncle Sam...

...and his Liberty Tax Dancers. 
The Statues of Liberty frolicked, gamboled
and cavorted — and were an enormous hit.

It's just not a parade without...
...Old-timey cars!

...Marching bands!

...Prancing horses!

...Pretty ladies!

...and pretty ladies...astride prancing horses!

A young lady of the International Tae Kwan Do College
stunned spectators with a wood-splitting high kick!

Did You Know...?™
The Annual Memorial Day Parade is the one day in Canoga Park
when licensed vendors come close to outnumbering unlicensed vendors!

With the hot sun beating down on the south side of the street,
this oversized treat took his very life in his hands, marching
past the parched, thirsty crowd. Thank you for your Slurpice!

There's no better time to be distracted by your phone than
when piloting a huge flatbed truck with a banda group on it
through a parade route lined with thousands of spectators!

The Canoga Park Improvement Association created
this patriotic float that honors the Tuskegee Airmen.

 ♪ ♫ Anchors aweigh, my boys! Anchors aweigh!
March down to Cozycroft, but stop at Tacos Way! 

The Canoga Park Elks, Lodge 2190, made the scene
in this vintage truck from H.W. Allen Plumbing.

If we didn't know better, we'd think that JB Wholesale
Roofing Supplies was just making a delivery and accidentally
got into the staging area for the parade. However...

...the presence of Captain JB — mild-mannered contractor until he got a splinter
from a radioactive shingle — made this one of the parade's most popular floats. 
See Captain JB: Days of Roofers Past from Marvel 
Entertainment, in theaters everywhere Friday June 17.

Weren't we just talking about Tacos Way?
Hey! Sailors!  Sailors! Back here!
You're going the wrong way! Aaah—!

All good things must come to an end: The LA Fire Department brings
 the day's parade festivities to a close in a calm and orderly fashion.

That's the end!  See you next year!

To our Canoga Park neighbors, thanks for coming out!

And to those visiting from outlying areas...
♬ Until we meet once more, here's wishing you a happy voyage home! ♪ ♫

And good luck with that, what with Sherman Way closed all the way to 
Topanga Canyon so the side streets are going to be a complete clusterf—, that is — Happy Memorial Day!

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