Thursday, January 8, 2015

Police Seek Grover on Canoga Park Bike Path

We take you now to the scene of a fast-breaking Canoga Park Quilt News Flash!


Police on Thursday sought everybodeee’s help to find your lovable old pal Grover from “Sesame Street” who was recently spotted on the bicycle and jogging path that runs parallel to Canoga Avenue.

The popular Muppet was in town to promote a new Little Golden Book, “The Monster At the End Of This Bike Path.” 
An unidentified woman on a bicycle was startled to hear comical panting noises accompanied by
absurdly loud, clattering footsteps when she turned to see Grover running after her.  Photo: LAPD.
One woman told police she saw him far away, and then close up. Conversely, at least two other women insist that he was very near, and then seen at quite a distance away. 

“This falls in line with what we know about Grover, who has taught generations of children the concept of near and far, among other things,” notes Dr. Morris Detzer, professor of early education studies, from his office at Pierce College Winnetka.

Police are concerned that the furry blue monster could cause injury both to himself and others if he tries crossing the oft-busy bike path somehow carrying both ends of a very long ladder. Also his Mommy is worried about him.

Correction: Turns out the police are looking for a groper, not Grover. We regret the error.

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